15 October 2018 Five Algerian generals in prison over corruption

The military court in Algeria has imprisoned five top military members, who were dismissed for alleged corruption and bribe. Ennahar TV channel said the major-generals faced charges of “illicit enrichment” and “use of a senior officer’s function for personal purposes”. Algeria’s People’s National Army (ANP) General Ahmed Gaid Salah said he was willing to purge the military institution from corruption. Last September, a group of top Algerian military commanders, including the heads of the air force and the army, have been dismissed. Nevertheless, Djilali Hadjadj, President of the Algerian Anti-Corruption Association and representative of Transparency International, stated that this was a strategic move that has nothing to do with an anti-corruption operation, as corruption is “almost entirely institutionalised” in the country. He added: “This operation reflects internal struggles within the government to choose the next presidential candidate as Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s term of office draws to a close.”