7 September 2022

Euromed Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed pre-existing social and economic vulnerabilities in the Mediterranean region. In its Joint Communication on a Renewed Partnership with the Southern Neighbourhood inclusiveness has become a new paradigm of action for recovery. The New Agenda aims at building fairer and more inclusive societies by fostering social and labour rights, reducing inequalities, and seizing the opportunities of the green and digital transitions to put people at the core of economies.

The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) within the framework of the project “EuroMeSCo Connecting the dots” has launched the survey “Towards more social justice and inclusiveness in the Mediterranean”, an exercise to reflect on the social dimension of the New Agenda for the Mediterranean and on inclusiveness in Southern Mediterranean Countries (SMCs).

The survey targets respondents from the EU and SMCs, including policymakers, experts, and civil society representatives to put forward priorities related to the cooperation between the EU and SMCs on these social aspects, paving the way for an evidence-driven approach for an inclusive debate on the New Agenda for the Mediterranean and its different components.

Have your say on how the EU should foster its partnership with Mediterranean countries to build fairer and more inclusive societies.

The Survey is open until 17 October. You can access here to start the survey.



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