15 May 2018 EU-Tunisia Association Council

The 14th EU-Tunisia Association Council has taken place today in Brussels, gathering representatives both from the Tunisian and European side. The 2018-2020 Partnership Priorities were adopted, with strong focus on the inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development; democracy, good governance and human rights, the rapprochement between different people, mobility and migration; as well as security and the fight against terrorism.

HR/VP Mogherini stated that “Tunisia is a privileged partner to us and can continue to count on our support during this difficult period of democratic transition and socio-economic transformation.” As a response, Khemaies Jhinaoui, Tunisian Minister for Foreign Affairs, thanked the EU for “its resolute commitment to continuing to support the reform process undertaken in order to complete the democratic transition and ensure the socio-economic development of the country.” Mogherini stressed the need to consolidate the EU-Tunisian partnership in the long-run, saying that “between now and 2020 we are going to turn our gaze towards the future of the partnership reflecting the wish of both partners to further strengthen the cooperation”.