28 September 2018 Erdogan’s visit to Germany

After seven years without visiting Germany, President Erdogan arrived for a three days official visit on 27 September. Tensions between Turkey and Germany increased in the past two years after the fail coup-d’état in 2016. As a sample of that, the case of Denis Yücel a German and Turkish journalist who was accused by Erdogan of espionage and imprisoned almost a year against the willingness of Germany.  Erdogan’s host, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier stressed that “this visit isn’t a sign of normalization, but it could be the start of it, after the trauma of the 2016 coup attempt, we expect a return to the rule of law”. On the eve of President Erdogan arrival, Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany wanted to reset economic ties with Turkey, but she added that issues of human rights and prisoners would be also raised. Due to the recent U.S. sanctions and the bad economic situation in Turkey, President Erdogan is also interested in the economic partnership with Germany.  Besides the economic and human right agenda, President Erdogan will inaugurate the biggest mosque in Germany, the Mosque of Cologne, financed to a large extent by Turkey.