3 December 2018 Committee for the Defence of Belaid and Brahimi plans to sue Ennahda

After the defence team of left-wing assassinated activists Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi accused Ennahda of forming a “secret apparatus” involved in political assassinations in October, it has now announced its intention to file a lawsuit to disband Ennahda on the grounds of having “links to terrorism”, based on the 7th chapter of Tunisian anti-terrorist law, which enables the dissolution of any organisation or political party associated with such activity. Ali Kalthoum, member of the defence team, stated: “we have documents that prove the involvement of Ennahda movement in political assassinations”, but the later has said these were “false attacks and false accusations”, and added in its statement that this “warns of the seriousness of the involvement of the presidency in influencing the independence of the judiciary”. The party also called political parties “not to poison the atmosphere again” within the framework of the current political crisis, and Ennahda MP Samir Dilou stated: “all we can perceive here is blatant evidence that these actions are only a facade of a political ruse to make a shortcut to the election race and block political rivalry, following the saying: “Victory comes after excluding the opponent.”