2 May 2022

Call for Researchers for the Joint Study Group 2022: The Case for a Renewed Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation on Agriculture

As part of the project EuroMeSCo: Connecting the Dots, co-funded by the European Union and the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), we are opening calls for researchers to take part in five different Joint Study Groups.

The EuroMeSCo Joint Study Groups 2022 will be made up of four Authors, including a Coordinator, who will jointly produce a Policy Study over a period of 6-7 months. Interested researchers may apply as Author or as Author and Coordinator to each Joint Study Group. In both cases, they will have to complete the online form and submit their application by 18 May (included).

Here is a brief description of the rationale of this Joint Study Group:

Food insecurity in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is a growing challenge.  Adverse effects of climate change have increased the frequency of extreme weather and higher temperatures, which affect local agriculture. Half of the population of the MENA region lives under conditions of water stress. These challenges, paired with the expected population growth over the next decades, pose a threat to food systems. The pandemic and more recently the Ukraine war have put some MENA countries who are exceptionally dependent on food imports, with wheat products subsidised by governments, under great stress.  Use of digital technology in the agri-food sector and the development of novel financial models to leverage private investment in agriculture are key. In the New Agenda for the Mediterranean, the EU commits to a strengthened cooperation in order to transition to sustainable food systems, including sustainable management of agriculture, fisheries, and preservation of natural production factors to strengthen food security. Cooperation opportunities include technical expertise in formulating agricultural and blue economy related policies, supporting agro-ecological practices, and promoting smart agriculture and aquaculture concepts.

The Joint Study Group could investigate the potential of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the field of agriculture. Among other issues, it could focus on:

  • Modernisation of agriculture: opportunities of digitalisation for sustainable food systems
  • The development of new financial models to leverage private investment in agriculture
  • The importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the agricultural and industrial sectors
  • Supporting farmers towards climate change mitigation and adaptation measures

You may apply to more than one Joint Study Group but may eventually only be selected to join one of them.

See the EuroMeSCo Joint Study Groups 2022 Terms of Reference for more information.

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