18 March 2019

Call for Papers for the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference 2019

The EuroMeSCo Annual Conference 2019 “Civil Society and Social Movements in the Euro-Mediterranean Region” will be held on 18-19 June in Barcelona.  The event is organised by EuroMeSCo network and the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed).

Over the last years, a number of social movements hit the roads and/or the social networks in a number of Euro-Mediterranean countries, representing only the visible tip of broader and more complex dynamics of the civil society iceberg.

The 2019 EuroMeSCo Annual Conference will explore these social movements and civil society dynamics in a Euro-Mediterranean comparative perspective. It will also analyse how policy actors, at the local, national and regional level, including the European Union, have engaged in relation with these movements and organisations and assess the potential of civil society as a driving force of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and integration.

In this context, we invite researchers from the EuroMeSCo network to submit paper proposals to be presented at parallel working sessions of the conference.

We invite papers addressing one of the three following topics/questions:

  • The Spatiality of Social Movements: Cities at the Frontline
  • Civil Society and Online Connectivity
  • Civil Society’s Role in Promoting Migrants’ Rights and Inclusion

The deadline to submit proposals is 8 May 2019. Paper proposals should not exceed 350 words.

A Jury, formed for this purpose by the members of the Steering Committee and of the EuroMeSCo ENI Project consortium, will select a maximum of 9 paper proposals. Notification of approval will be sent by 20 May. 


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