12 September 2019 Ayman Odeh, the Arab hope

Ayman Odeh (Haifa, 1975), is an Israeli Arab lawyer and politician. Since 2015 he leads the Hadash party, a communist Jewish-Arab party. Odeh started his political career in the ranks of Hadash in Haifa in 1998. He run for the 2009 and 2013 elections to the Israeli Parliament but he did not get a seat due to insufficient results of his party. In 2015, after the resignation of Mohammed Barakeh, he became the leader of Hadash and run to the election as Head of the Arab Joint List, winning 13 seats. The alliance broke up for the past April elections but it has been recovered for the upcoming ones of September. Odeh believes that the union will “overthrow the right-wing government” and will also help to prevent “racism, annexation and the destruction of democracy”. Odeh believes in cooperation with Jewish counterparts to tackle the main issues affecting the Arab community in Israel, and expressed willingness for his party to join the coalition under certain conditions.