25 May 2023

Annual Conference 2023 | CALL FOR PAPERS

The quest for a more “geopolitical” EU foreign policy in the MENA region

With recent events, such as the war in Ukraine, which have rekindled the discussion around a “geopolitical” EU, it is imperative to explore the implications of this concept specifically in relation to the MENA region. In this context and with the same objective, we invite think tankers and researchers (priority will be given to researchers affiliated to institutes which are members of the EuroMeSCo network) to submit Paper proposals on issues related to the topic.

Authors of the selected proposals will be invited to discuss the Papers at this year’s EuroMeSCo Annual Conference labelled “From the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership to a Euro-Mediterranean Geostrategic Alliance”, taking place in Madrid in October 2023.

In this context and with the same objective, we invite you to submit paper proposals on issues related to the following concepts and questions (non-exhaustive list):

  1. A transactional relationship: Exploring the meaning and implications of a transactional approach between the EU and the MENA region, its compatibility with the traditional transformative approach, and what it takes for the EU to adopt such an approach.
  2. Economy and demography: Highlighting the importance of supporting partners in addressing socio-economic and demographic challenges, emphasising the significance of these factors in shaping geopolitics.
  3. Inter-connectivity: Analysing the potential for increased interconnectivity between the shores of the Mediterranean, particularly in terms of infrastructure, energy, and trade, as influenced by the war in Ukraine.
  4. EU global gateway: Assessing the possibilities for the EU to enhance its geopolitical influence in the MENA region and act as a global gateway.
  5. EU strategic autonomy: Investigating the extent to which the MENA region holds the keys to achieving EU strategic autonomy.
  6. Geopolitics and strategic communication: Examining how a more geopolitical EU approach affects communication strategies in the MENA region.
  7. Language of power: The HRVP routinely calls for the EU to learn the language of power. What would this mean in practical terms when it comes to EU’s relations with its southern neighbours?
  8. Institutional architecture: Analyzing whether the existing institutional architecture supporting the EU’s relationship with its southern neighbourhood can facilitate the development of EU geopolitical ambitions or if a reform of the European Neighbourhood Policy is necessary.
  9. Geopolitics and conflicts: Investigating whether a more geopolitical Europe necessitates a paradigm shift in the EU’s approach to conflict prevention and resolution in its Southern Neighbourhood.

How to Submit Paper Proposals:

  1. Follow us on Twitter: @euromesco
  2. Submit a short description of their proposed Paper (up to 350 words, excluding references) through the provided APPLICATION FORM. The description should outline the theme, research objectives, scope of the paper, and an indicative initial reference list.

The deadline for applications is  11 June 2023, 23:59hrs CET. The selection process will be completed by 15 June 2023, and all applicants will be notified of the results via email.

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

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