14 March 2019 Algerian PM announces formation of temporary government

The new Algerian PM Noureddine Bedoui said that Algeria will have a technocratic interim government and that his new cabinet would include representatives of civil society and political figures and also experts with no political affiliation that will “reflect the demographics of the Algerian society” APS said. During a press briefing in Algiers, the PM said postponing the presidential election came in response to “people’s will” and that an independent commission would oversee the election, for which he did not specify a date, read Al Jazeera. The PM urged the opposition to accept dialogue, but activists and protesters said they wouldn’t compromise nor negotiate, for now.  Abdelwahab Fersaoui, president of the youth association Rassemblement Action Jeunesse (RAJ) denounced the whole process as a “Machiavellian project” and said “Why should we trust the leaders who have been ruling the country for the last two decades to handle a democratic transition within a year while they did nothing to push for political changes for the past 20 years.” According to Bouteflika’s message and the PM’s statements, an inclusive and independent conference will oversee the transition of power, the goal of the gathering would be to devise a new constitution to be submitted for a referendum by the end of the year.