20 March 2019 Algerian Deputy Prime Minister / Foreign Minister Lamamra visits Rome, Moscow and Berlin

On 18-20 March the deputy PM and FM of Algeria, Ramtane Lamamra, traveled to Italy, Russia, and Germany. On 18 March Lamamra arrived in Rome where he met the Italian PM Giuseppe Conte. During the meeting, the chief of the Algerian Diplomacy made clear that Algeria is facing a “privileged moment of its history”. He also stressed the importance of the principle of not-interference. PM Conte commended the pacific way in which manifestations were managed. On 19 March Lamamra met his Russian counterpart, Sergej Lavrov, in Moscow and affirmed that Algeria will face an unprecedented step of its history, setting open elections without the candidacy of President Bouteflika. Lavrov expressed his concern for external attempts to change the Algerian politics and declared that Russia supports Algeria in its decision to dialogue with the opposition. On 20 March, during a meeting with his German counterpart Heiko Maas in Berlin, Lamamra confirmed Algerian government’s commitment to dialogue with all parties, including civil society. German FM Maas supported this commitment declaring that “It’s clear that answers can be found only within the country and through a social consensus that is brought about by credible, inclusive dialogue.”