4 February 2019 After Government’s resignation Palestinian political parties try to find a new agreement

On 29 January, Palestinian PM Hamdallah announced his government’s resignations caused by continuous disputes within the Palestinian organisations. Earlier in January Hussein Al-Sheikh, a senior official of President Mahmud Abbas’ party Al Fatah, announced that it would not form a government with Hamas “under any circumstances”. According to reports Al Fatah has been able to obtain just two factions’ support for a new government (the Palestinian Liberation Front and Palestinian Popular Struggle Front). On 4 February the Palestinian Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) announced its refusal to participate in the new government claiming that “The current Palestinian crisis, including the deep internal division and the increasing threats against the Palestinian cause and rights, necessitate an urgent halt of everything that would complicate the situation, including the formation of a new government”. In December President Abbas announced the dissolution of the Legislative Council, calling for new parliamentary election within 6 month, but Hamas refused to participate to the elections unless they were in parallel presidential, legislative and for PLO national council.