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The Moshe Dayan Center

Mission and objectives

The mission of the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies is to serve Israeli and international practitioners, policymakers, and scholars by providing accurate, timely analysis of the contemporary Middle Eastern and Africa, to contribute positively to the public discourse surrounding issues of critical importance to Israel and the region, to forge partnerships with leading international research centers and thought leaders, to seek mutual understanding, cooperation, and goodwill between Israel and its neighbors,  and to be an incubator of excellence for future generations of scholars.

The Center pursues these goals in a number of ways.  The MDC regularly publishes both short-form analysis of contemporary developments as well as long-form books and monographs, and hosts an eclectic and ambitious program of forums, public lectures, symposiums, and other activities.  The MDC Arabic Press Archives contains one of the most comprehensive collection of Arabic-language newspapers in the world, and the MDC Library is ranked as one of the top specialized libraries in Israel. 

Researchers affiliated with the center enjoy essential support and mentorship as they conduct in-depth research into contemporary Middle Eastern issues, and often publish their work in some of the field’s leading academic journals and presses.  The Center also has a number of innovative special initiatives and specialized research programs, and prioritizes the retention and training of outstanding scholars at all stages of their academic and professional careers.

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