TAPRI – Tampere Peace Research Institute
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TAPRI - Tampere Peace Research Institute

Mission and objectives

Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI), founded in 1970, is a multidisciplinary and international research centre, whose mission is to conduct high quality research on the causes of war, non-violent resolution of conflicts, and conditions for peace. In line with the present research program, the focus of research is on peaceful change, to which all projects are related.

TAPRI research is open and its results are published on international and national academic forums, including the Institute’s own publication series in accordance with TAPRI’s national mandate. TAPRI research has from the beginning been based on extensive international co-operation and networking.

TAPRI’s Master’s Degree Programme in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research has been selected as one of the ten top degree programmes on conflict resolution and peacebuilding in the world by the Peacekeeper website (April 2017).

TAPRI puts emphasis on the importance of the Mediterranean area. Priority is given to Euro-Mediterranean relations and to international security. The long-term developments, the evolution of different cultural spheres, and socio-economic development are also taken into consideration. Keeping this diversity in mind, the TAPRI Mediterranean Studies Project investigates the possibilities for strengthening mutual confidence. Participation in different Euro-Mediterranean networks is an important part of the institute´s international activities.

TAPRI is aiming to reach these goals through scientific research, the training of the young scholars, and the organisation of different scientific and civil society event.

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