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PRIO Cyprus Centre

Mission and objectives

The PRIO Cyprus Centre (PCC) is an independent, bi-communal research centre, committed to research and dialogue. Its aim is to contribute to an informed public debate on key issues relevant to an eventual settlement of the Cyprus problem. Its ambition is to achieve this through the production of knowledge, dissemination of information, facilitation of dialogue and by offering new analysis. The inter-linkage between research, informing public debate, and political decision-making is at the core of the Centre’s activities.

Through its network, projects and dialogue forums, the PRIO Cyprus Centre aims to foster cooperation between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, and strengthen regional cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean at large. The PRIO Cyprus Centre offers an important space for people from both sides of the divided island. Since 2005, the Centre has provided a meeting place for Cypriots across the divide, facilitated debates and dialogue, and addressed sensitive issues by disseminating research that offers new perspectives and new facts.

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