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NSC - North-South Centre

Mission and objectives

The European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity of the Council of Europe – more commonly known as the “North-South Centre” – was set up in Lisbon with the purpose to spread the universal values upheld by the Council of Europe – human rights democracy and the rule of law – beyond the European continent.

To promote dialogue between North and South, foster solidarity and raise awareness of global interdependence, the North-South Centre was established as an ‘Enlarged Partial Agreement’ allowing non-Council of Europe member states to join.

The mission of the North-South Centre is to empower civil society, in particular youth and women, through intercultural dialogue and global citizenship education, to play an active role in Council of Europe member states and neighbouring regions.

To this aim, and in particular through its multilateral activities and under the principles of dialogue, partnership and solidarity, the North-South Centre responds to three priority areas: Global Education, Youth Cooperation and Empowerment of Women). These principles are put into action through advocacy, capacity building and awareness raising activities.

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