Istituto Analisi Relazioni Internazionali
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IARI - Istituto Analisi Relazioni Internazionali

Mission and objectives

Istituto Analisi Relazioni Internazionali (IARI) is an Italian Think Tank, established in 2018 in Sicily and formed of different professionals, committed to editing specialised, analytical, geopolitical papers on international politics. The main purpose of the Institute is developing and spreading the role of geopolitical analysts in Italy.

They are mainly focused on geopolitics and international and several other related issues, e.g. migration, climate change, diplomatic and political relations, economic integration and development.

IARI has more than 120 analysts specialised in multiple subjects. Among these, they include numerous PhD students, who carry out their activities in plentiful Italian and foreign universities. The Geopolitical Editorial Staff is further divided into eight geographical regions, amongst which there is the Mediterranean region. Each Editorial Staff is headed by one Chief Editor, who is by-right an Executive Board’s member, which is led by the President.


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