ISMed – Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean
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ISMed - Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean

Mission and objectives

The mission of ISSM is to study the dynamics and the nature of the growth and development processes of the countries in the area. The regional focus derives from the strategic centrality of the Mediterranean both geo-economic and political. ISSM also aims to provide interpretation theories of phenomena, projections of possible future scenarios and policy guidelines that can support targeted interventions to reduce imbalances and stimulate the growth of the area.

Research activities of the institute are based on some fundamental thematic pillars which, by highlighting the scientific expertise of the institute, aim at describing different aspects of the Mediterranean countries through:

· analysis of regional development and regional duality processes that feed the functional dependence between poor and rich areas
· comparative and prospective studies of governance, process of institution building and their functioning in the European and Euro-Mediterranean area
· research on the territory, the environment, natural resources and landscape as factors of development and stability
· evolution of trade flows and logistics
· study of migrations and related socio-cultural phenomena

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