ISPI – Italian Institute for International Political Studies
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ISPI - Italian Institute for International Political Studies

Mission and objectives

The Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) is an independent think tank serving as a resource for government officials, business executives, journalists, civil servants, students and those wishing to better understand international issues. Founded in Milan in 1934, ISPI approaches international affairs in a sound pragmatic manner, monitoring geopolitical areas as well as major global trends. Comprehensive interdisciplinary analysis is ensured by close collaboration with specialists, academic and non-academic, in political, economic, legal, historical and strategic studies and an ever-growing network of think tanks, research centres and universities in Europe and abroad.

The Institute’s activities branch out in four major directions: producing reports with original research and policy prescriptions; providing up-to-date analyses through its website and online publications; convening meetings; training the future generations of Italian diplomats and professionals of governmental and non-governmental international organizations.

The Mediterranean and Middle East Program at ISPI is aimed at analysing the political and geostrategic context of the Middle East and North Africa region in order to provide a deep understanding of the complex regional dynamics, as well as to inform and advise policy makers. The Program in particular focuses on: Euro-Mediterranean relations; political transformations in North Africa and the Levant; Turkey’s domestic and foreign policy; Syrian conflict; crisis in Libya; the Islamic State group; Gulf countries.

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