INESG – Institut national d’études de stratégie globale
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INESG - Institut national d'études de stratégie globale

Mission and objectives

The National Institute of Strategic Global Studies (NISGS) aims at carrying out, in cooperation with the concerned sectors and institutions, analysis and prospective studies about strategic issues of national and international scenes. These studies and analyses are designed to detect, understand, explain factors and relationships playing a decisive role in political, economic, social and cultural action.

In terms of analysis, study and research, the institute carries out prospective studies about society and its evolution in the light of parameters structuring both internal dynamic and the one of international relations; undertakes studies and research related to national and international environment evolution; goes thoroughly into a reflection in the field of international relations and issues concerning defense and security, regarding their progress and involvement in national and international Algeria policy; carries out studies about sciences and technology progress, their impact and role in multiform development.

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