IIR – Institute of International Relations Prague
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IIR - Institute of International Relations Prague

Mission and objectives

The Institute of International Relations Prague (IIR) is an independent public research institution which conducts excellent academic research in a larger field of international relations, which includes European studies, security studies, area studies and other related disciplines. In its IR research, it sets national benchmarks for the quality of scientific research in International Relations.

As an independent institution originally founded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the IIR also provides policy analysis and recommendations and it is also an active member of several international research networks. It serves as a hub for academics, policy makers and the general public. It stimulates the expert, intellectual and public debates on the Czech foreign policy, European affairs and global issues. The IIR also publishes two academic journals and a number of books, and it offers a joint PhD programme in International Relations and European Studies.

The IIR is among the most important research centres that focus on Euro-Mediterranean / Middle East area in the Czech Republic. The Institute cooperates closely with the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and while combining policy-related and academic work, it serves as its analytic and advisory body.

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