Fondazione Mediterraneo
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Fondazione Mediterraneo

Mission and objectives

The Fondazione Mediterraneo – network for dialogue among societies and culture – is an international non-profit Organisation of Social Utility (Onlus) established in 1991 in Naples. It includes specialists and internationally recognized scholars on the Mediterranean, politicians with international and diplomatic experience, and who have been involved in actions to promote dialogue and peace.

The main objectives of Fondazione Mediterraneo are:

· to develop dialogue between society and cultures in order to affirm fundamental rights (civil and political freedom; and social, cultural and economic rights), democracy and justice pursuing ethical values and reciprocal morale of respect and of exploitation of the differences;

· to search for solutions to the problems that threaten peace through strategies of co-existence;

· to ensure cohesion in reaching a common management of the Greater Mediterranean, also working in coordination with the European Union’s Euro-Mediterranean policies (the Barcelona Process, the Politics of Neighbours, the Union for the Mediterranean, etc.) and that of UN (Alliances of Civilizations).
to facilitate the participation of civil society and institutional actors through networks, platforms, forums and other modes of communication encouraging partnerships in order to avoid duplication and consequent waste of resources. Therefore, the Fondazione also supports and develops already-existing organisms and activities, maximizing the effective use of financial and human resources and thus, consequently, results.

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