ENC – European Neighbourhood Council
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ENC - European Neighbourhood Council

Mission and objectives

European Neighbourhood Council (ENC) is an independent think tank that conducts research and implements projects with the aim of strengthening a common European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), Enlargement Policy and the promotion of a Global Strategy for the European Union’s (EU) Foreign and Security Policy. ENC conducts research that aims towards improved academic dialogue and decision-making in research, including neighbourhood coordination among European Union (EU) Member States, EU Accession Countries, European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) countries, and the ‘Neighbours of the Neighbours’ (Wider Europe).

Since its inception in 2016, ENC has developed partnerships with non-governmental and governmental organisations across the EU, the ENP area and Wider Europe. An important objective is to increase cooperation between academics from across the ENP area and Wider Europe in order to understand the neighbourhoods’ general concerns, research interests and shared policy solutions.

ENC tailors to a governmental and non-governmental policy audience, as well as academics, while using an interdisciplinary, youth-oriented and fair membership approach by including an equal number of ENC Academic Council Members from across the entire region.

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