DIIS – Danish Institute for International Studies
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DIIS - Danish Institute for International Studies

Mission and objectives

DIIS is an independent research institution for international studies, financed primarily by the Danish state. DIIS conducts and communicates multidisciplinary research on globalisation, security, development and foreign policy and within these areas DIIS aims to be agenda-setting in research, policy and the public debate. DIIS continuously assesses Denmark’s foreign and political situation and works to inform the Danish media, politicians and the public about its work.

DIIS researchers mostly have an academic background, in social studies, international development studies, military studies and anthropology. DIIS contributes to the education of researchers both at home and in developing countries and employs a number of practitioners from relevant ministries for limited periods of time. These practitioners contribute to an understanding of how DIIS’ work is used outside academic circles, and this strengthens DIIS’ ability to bridge the gap between theoretical and applied research. As part of DIIS’ work, policy-relevant and policy-oriented research is carried out within the disciplines that DIIS’ researchers inhabit.

One of DIIS´ focus is socio-political dynamics, transnational links and international relations in and to the Middle East. DIIS in particular focuses on regional security structures and the relationship between the Middle Eastern states, the US and Europe/the EU. DIIS’ Euromed / Middle East programme also has a primary focus on reform and political change in the Arab World, and on the use of religion as a source of identity and legitimacy.

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