The Simone Veil Research Centre for Contemporary European Studies

Mission and objectives

The Simone Veil Research Centre for Contemporary European Studies was established in 2003 at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), in order to promote a greater awareness within Israel, of the growing importance of Europe, the European Union and the Euro-Mediterranean regions. Since its establishment, the centre has strengthened its position as a leading Euro-Mediterranean research and academic centre in Israel, through new initiatives and partnerships, both academic and institutional. On the institutional level, the European Commission recognized the centre as a Jean Monnet National Centre of Excellence for European Studies, the highest academic ranking that the European Commission grants to any European study programme. This is the only Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in Israel and the recognition of the study programme is first and foremost a European recognition of the centre’ academic excellence.

The Simone Veil Research Centre for Contemporary European Studies’ research interests focus on Euro-Mediterranean relations and all its research projects aim at proposing a fresh academic perspective to promote Euro-Mediterranean dialogue.

Since its establishment, the Simone Veil Research Centre has been able to offer scholarships to BGU faculty and students, allowing them to conduct research on contemporary Euro-Mediterranean affairs, to participate in workshops and summer schools, and has helped establish academic courses on the Euro-Mediterranean region at the University.  The Simone Veil Research Centrealso brings a flavour of Euro-Mediterranean culture to the University campus through cultural events, films and talks by Euro-Mediterranean personalities.