Centre for Mediterranean Studies, Yaşar University
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Centre for Mediterranean Studies, Yaşar University

Mission and objectives

The Center for Mediterranean Studies is a multidisciplinary research institution dedicated to investigating political, social, economic, and environmental issues within the Mediterranean Basin. Our mission is to support academic studies, projects, and various activities related to the region, fostering increased interaction and communication among national and international stakeholders. Through collaborative efforts, we produce valuable academic outputs and projects while actively promoting the career development of our employees. The Center’s primary focus revolves around sustainable development, specifically addressing energy (SDG7), climate (SDG13), agriculture (SDG1, 2, 8, 12), and peace (SDG16).

Structure and Organs: The centre composes of two staff members, one director and one researcher; one executive committee composed of 5 teaching faculty from different departments; and one advisory board composed of 2 people, one dean and one retired ambassador. Number of Staff: 2 (director and researcher). However, the centre aims to enlarge with more researchers, visiting and associate researchers in the upcoming future. In addition, the centre conducts research in collaboration with any university faculty that is willing to cooperate with the team of the centre, becoming an associate member.

Its areas of research are Ecology, Economy and Politics; Archaeology; Culture and Society.

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