AGREEM – Asociación Grupo de Estudios Europeos y Mediterráneos
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AGREEM - Asociación Grupo de Estudios Europeos y Mediterráneos

Mission and objectives

AGREEM is a multidisciplinary group of professors coming from different universities (UAM, UCM, UNED, CEU…) and public institutions (AECID). The main objective of the institute is to contribute to a better knowledge of the Mediterranean Basin as an area of mutual interests, in the fields of economics, culture, population exchange andcommon future strategies for sustainable growth.

AGREEM was born in 1997 at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid under the presidency of Professor Alejandro Lorca. The institution has participated in more than 20 studies and research projects related to Mediterranean countries. They have been financed by public and private institutions and companies (European Commission, United Nations, Canary Islands Government, IBM, ISDEFE…).

The main areas of study covered by AGREEM are Migration Flows in the Mediterranean Area, New Energy Resources for a sustainable growth in the Mediterranean, and International Trade between the two Shores of the Mediterranean (with special emphasis in agriculture).

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