11 July 2018 Youth Forum: A Youth Agenda for Euro-Mediterranean Research
  • 09:00AM to 13:00PM
  • 11 July 2018
  • Ecole de Gouvernance et d’Economie, Rabat

Conceived and funded by the IEMed, the Youth Forum will take place on 11 July in Rabat.

Gathering 40 participants from over 10 countries, the forum offers a unique opportunity for young experts to debate and exchange with institutional representatives on key issues in the Euro-Mediterranean area and to contribute to policy shaping in the region.

This year´s edition of the forum will explore avenues to further stimulate greater Euro-Mediterranean youth research and mobility.  

The event will be organised around a plenary session and two parallel working sessions.

During the plenary session “Stimulating Euro-Mediterranean Youth Research and Mobility” young researchers will share their experiences in participating in exchange programmes or EU-funded research projects. The participants will also hear about EU programmes for research and mobility targeting young people in the Euro-Mediterranean region and challenges in their implementation.

The working sessions will aim at identifying factors that enable or hinder the participation of young researchers and students from the Euro-Med area in EU exchange and research programmes, as well as examine shortcomings in current research on Euro-Mediterranean political and security issues including in relation to the main Euro-Mediterranean “priorities” (i.e migration and violent extremism) and reflect on how young researchers can provide solutions to address them.

See video from last edition of the forum