Training Course: Infographics and Data Visualization for Beginners

4 March 2021 - 25 February 2021
Four days Online Event

The four days course introduces students to the mechanisms of infographics and data visualization as a support for reports, news or visual pieces themselves. Theoretical sessions are combined to reinforce the basics of computer graphics with practical sessions with the aim of the student applying what they have learned in their daily work.

The students will learn:

  • The basics of data visualisation from visual coding, form and function, colour and animation.
  • Useful online tools that meet the following requirements: easy learning process, extensive visualisation options, graphic customisation, web, mobile and physical format integration, good user experience.
  • Getting started in the creation of graphs and maps from researched and visualised data.



Laura Navarro Data journalist Story Data
Eli Vivas Data journalist, expert in visualization Story Data
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