Public Debate: Thriving on uncertainty: COVID-19 related opportunities for terrorist’s groups

23 September 2021
Online Event

Exploring related opportunities offered by COVID-19 to terrorist groups in these regions allows for a prospective and analytical work that will deepen the understanding of terrorist tactics and propaganda strategies, thus enabling the adoption of a more comprehensive approach with regards to responding and assisting states on the ground. Policy recommendations derived from this study will not only aim at mitigating risks derived from the interlinkage between the turmoil caused by the virus and terrorism in the region, but will also focus on state responses and the assessment of innovative and applicable ways to support CVE and PVE efforts in an uncertain and novel landscape in the regions covered.

Against this background, the findings of the paper can help EU policy makers adopt more effective policies in weakening the recruiting capabilities of terrorists, and launch new cooperation programs with North African countries.

This webinar will take place in English and will be broadcasted live via the PCNS’ Facebook page and YouTube channel, with live coverage on Twitter.



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