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The Twitter hashtag for the event will be #euromesco2021

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EuroMeSCo, a Euro-Mediterranean network of 102 think tanks, will hold its annual conference in Barcelona on 17-18 June. 

The meeting is co-organized by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), which coordinates the EuroMeSCo network from Barcelona. 

The conference will focus on civil society and social movements in Euro-Mediterranean region. 

Over the last years, a number of social movements hit the roads and/or the social networks in a number of Euro-Mediterranean countries, representing only the visible tip of broader and more complex dynamics of the civil society iceberg.

The 2019 EuroMeSCo Annual Conference will explore these social movements and civil society dynamics in a Euro-Mediterranean comparative perspective. It will also analyse how policy actors, at the local, national and regional level, including the European Union, have engaged in relation with these movements and organisations and assess the potential of civil society as a driving force of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and integration.

EuroMeSCo is the main network of think tanks specializing on political and security issues in the Mediterranean (102 research centers representing 30 countries) and its annual conference represents a unique opportunity for researchers, experts and diplomatic actors to meet to discuss the relations between EU and its Mediterranean neighbors.

Three plenary sessions and parallel sessions will explore in a comparative perspective the impact of social movements, their approaches, their main actors, and their possible connections. The experts will also discuss how governments, as well as the European Union, have been dealing with social movements and civil society, and to which extent civil society can push for innovative both political and sectoral solutions and be a driving force of regional cooperation and integration.

The conference will also be an opportunity for network members to take stock of recent areas of work (particularly on the role of Russia in the Middle East and North Africa, the impact of climate change in the Sahel on the security in the Mediterranean, as well as cooperation between religious institutions as a policy tool) and to launch the new lines of research that will be pursued until 2020.

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