CMCI - Institut de la Méditerranée

Mission and objectives

The main objective of the Institut de la Méditerranée is to offer the partners of its Board of Directors (Conseil Régional PACA, Conseil Général Bouches-du-Rhône, Mairie de Marseille, CCIMP, Euromed Management), expertise and project planning on the Euro-Mediterranean region.

In order to help its partners gaining influence in the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation policies, two different kind of activities are being implemented by the Institut de la Méditerranée:

· Studies and surveys on the economic transition of Mediterranean Southern and Eastern countries, particularly within the Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Economic Institute (FEMISE).
· Expertise on territory policies and strategies within the Euro-Mediterranean region (Northern and Southern shore) highlighting the territorial issues (transport, metropolisation, environment) that contribute to the sustainability, competitiveness and cohesion of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

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