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EuroMeSCo e-News nº 4
ImageThis month's EuroMeSCo e-news features two articles by Daniela Pioppi, Senior Research Fellow at the Mediterranean-Middle Eastern Programme of the Institute of International Affairs (IAI) of Rome, on the victory of Hamas in the recent parliamentary elections in Palestine, and Karam Karam, Program Director at the LCPS in Beirut, on the political challenges Lebanon faces one year after the assassination of Rafik Hariri.

EuroMeSCo e-News nº 3
ImageEuroMeSCo e-news 3 focuses on the Russian-Ukrainian energy dispute and its impact on the Southern Mediterranean, as well as on the situation in Israel and Palestine in the light of the Palestinian parliamentary elections. It features three contributions by Giacomo Luciani, Professorial Lecturer at Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center, Moty Cristal, a former member of the Israeli negotiation team and CEO of NEST Consulting, and Atef Abu Saif, PhD. researcher at the European University Institute in Florence/Italy and a novelist and playwright.

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EuroMeSCo e-News nº 2
ImageThe second edition of EuroMeSCO e-news is dedicated to an analysis of the 10-Years Anniversary Conference of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership that took place on 27./28. November 2005 and features contributions from Richard Gillespie, Emily Landau, Eduard Soler i Lecha, Münevver Cebeci.

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EuroMeSCo e-News nº 1
ImageThe first edition of EuroMeSCo e-news contains information on the recently published EuroMeSCo report “Towards A Community of Democratic States”, the results of both the IEMED survey on the tenth anniversary of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and the EuroMeSCo discussion forum on Turkey’s potential accession to the EU, as well as on a EuroMeSCo-Senior Officials meeting on the fight against terrorism.

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