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EuroMeSCo e-News nº 15
 This month’s EuroMeSCo e-news features an article by Mustafa Akyol, writer and columnist based in Istanbul, working for the Turkish Daily News, on the secularist fears towards political Islamism in Turkey, as well as an article by Dr Anat Kurz, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv University, on the findings of the interim report of the Winograd Commission in Israel. It also provides its readers with the results of a EuroMeSCo online survey on the European Neighbourhood Policy and announces the publication of the first EuroMeSCo report in Arabic entitled “Women as Full Participants in the Euro-Mediterranean Community of Democratic States”.
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EuroMeSCo e-News nº 14

enews 14EuroMeSCo's newsletter nº 14 features the conclusions of the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference first preparatory meeting, held in Tunis, on 30 March 2007, on the topic: ”Migrant rights: from international conventions to a Euro-Mediterranean charter”, an article by Fouad Ammor, researcher at the GERM – Groupement d’Études et de Recherches sur la Méditerranée, in Rabat, on the parliamentary elections that will take place in Morocco in September 2007 as well as an article by Michael Meyer-Resende, co-ordinator of Democracy Reporting International (DRI), Berlin, on the meaning of the ongoing or concluded electoral processes in 2007 in Egypt, Jordan, Algeria and Morocco.
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EuroMeSCo e-News nº 13

enews 13EuroMeSCo's newsletter nº 13 features an article by Riad Malki, General Director of the Panorama Center in Ramallah, on the impact of the Mecca Agreement and the current situation of the political crisis in Palestine, as well as an article by Tony Galli, Project Director at the Economic Cooperation Foundation in Tel Aviv, also on the impact of the Mecca Agreement and the current Israeli-Palestinian deadlock. In addition, it provides readers with information on the EuroMeSCo 2007 Annual Conference.
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EuroMeSCo e-News nº 12


The EuroMeSCo February 2007 newsletter features an article by Sven Biscop, Senior Research Fellow at Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations in Brussels and Professor of European security at Ghent University, on the relative lack of diplomatic contribution of the European Union in the Middle-East, but also on the transatlantic coordination of strategies in the area. In addition, it provides readers with information on the last EuroMeSCo Steering Group Meetings held on 25-26 January 2007 at the premises of the EU Council of Ministers in Brussels.
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EuroMeSCo e-News nº 11
enews11This month's EuroMeSCo e-news features an article by Tobias Schumacher, Senior Research Fellow at the IEEI in Lisbon, on the German EU Presidency and the Southern Mediterranean, a summary of a recently held EuroMeSCo crisis-management seminar on Algerian-Moroccan relations, and the results of a recent EuroMeSCo opinion poll on the Western Sahara issue.


EuroMeSCo e-News nº 10
enews10 The EuroMeSCo Autumn/Winter 06 newsletter features a summary of the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference that was held in Istanbul in October and provides readers with relevant information pertaining to this event. It also features the latest EuroMeSCo call for papers under the EuroMeSCo research programme 2006/2007, as well as an article on a EuroMeSCo seminar on “Civil Society, Human Rights and Democratisation” that was held in the Moroccan city of Meknes in September. In addition, it provides readers with information on the latest meetings of the EuroMeSCo statutory bodies, introduces the Italian Fondazione Mediterraneo, and offers an overview of some recently published books and articles relating to Euro-Mediterranean affairs.


EuroMeSCo e-News nº 9
Image EuroMeSCo’s newsletter nº9 features an article by Tobias Schumacher, Senior Research Fellow at the IEEI, on Algeria and the extension of the deadline of the Charter for Peace and National Reconciliation in the framework of its implementation, as well as reports on EuroMeSCo’s research seminar held in Tetouan, on “Democratisation and Human Rights”, and the Senior Officials – EuroMeSCo Seminar held in Tampere later in the month of July on “Cultural Diversity and Fundamental Rights.”.


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EuroMeSCo e-News nº 8
Image This month’s EuroMeSCo newsletter features one article by Álvaro de Vasconcelos, Director of the IEEI in Lisbon, on the recently published EuroMeSCo report on women’s rights, one article by Amr Hamzawy, Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, on the domestic political situation in Egypt, as well as a report of a recent EuroMeSCo research seminar on regional security challenges.


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EuroMeSCo e-News nº 7
Image This month's EuroMeSCo e-News features three reports on a crisis-management seminar on “Domestic Developments and Future Relations After the Palestinian and Israeli Elections” that was held in Jerusalem on 4 May 2006, a crisis-management seminar on “The Cartoons Row” and a research seminar on “The Dynamics of Integration” that were held in Istanbul on 15 and 16 May respectively.


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EuroMeSCo e-News nº 6

ImageThis month's e-news features one article by Gerd Nonneman, Professor of International Relations and Middle East Politics at Lancaster University, on Hamas, the Palestine question and the EU, as well as a report on a EuroMeSCo seminar on "Migrants and their communities as actors of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership" that was held in Paris on 25 April 2006

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EuroMeSCo e-News nº 5
ImageThis month's EuroMeSCo e-news features one article by Roxane Farmanfarmaian, Donner Atlantic Studies Scholar at the Centre of International Studies at the University of Cambridge, on the impact of the Iranian nuclear programme on regional stability in the Southern Mediterranean, as well as two reports on a EuroMeSCo survey on Barcelona 10, and on a EuroMeSCo round-table on women's rights.

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