Ministerial Conclusions of the first Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Meeting on Migration
Under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the first Euro-Med Ministerial Meeting on Migrations was held on 19 November 2007 in Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal.

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5th International Seminar on Security and Defence in the Mediterranean
 A collection of addresses, interventions and reports presented at the 5th International Seminar on Security and Defence in the Mediterranean, held in Barcelona on 4 December 2006. The work serves as a summary of the progress made by different cooperation initiatives (the Barcelona Process, the European Neighbourhood Policy, 5+5, NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue and the ESDP) and analyses a number of practical cases, such as Moroccan participation in Bosnia and some of the ESDP missions in the Near East. The volume also tackles challenges that are of key importance for security in the Mediterranean, such as energy issues, the control of migration flows, compatibility between promotion of governance and security in the Mediterranean, and weapons of mass destruction.

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Morocco and the Sahara
This careful and well-informed study by Mohamed Cherkaoui explores key questions about Morocco and its relations with the Western Sahara. The strategies of the main actors are discussed, and the underlying game theories that explain their actions are analysed in regional and international contexts. The geopolitical dimension of the present situation is explored, in terms of the ever-present threat of a balkanization of this part of North Africa. Proposals for autonomy for the Saharan regions are examined in the light of the vast and unprecedented programme of reform undertaken by Morocco in the last decade, opening up new political solutions.

Call for Research Projects
In the framework of its Research Programme 2007-2008, EuroMeSCo invites all eligible member institutes to participate in the current Call for Research Projects and express their interest by submitting a complete outline of the envisaged research project. The research programme is one integrated programme, divided into a research facility, an exchange facility and a survey facility, with a dominant focus on issues closely related to actors, structures and dynamics of change, broken down into five broad main themes. Although there is room for annual adjustments, the main topics will stand until the end of the year 2009.

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