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Carnegie Middle East Centre After the Egyptian Coup
Carnegie Middle East Centre Egypt and the C-Word
Carnegie Middle East Centre No Horizon in a Perpetually Unsustainable Palestine
IMRI Accord de libre échange Etats-Unis Union européenne: Quelles perspectives pour le monde et pour le Maroc ?
PASSIA Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation: What is possible
PISM Strange Coup d’état: The Army’s Removal of the Egyptian President
PISM Turkey at a Tipping Point: Why the EU Should Use Gezi to Rebalance Ankara’s Foreign Policy
FRIDE The Gulf States and the Arab Uprisings
FRIDE Europe’s Gulf Dilemma
Chatham House Checkmate for Morsi
Euromed Management Algeria and the African Union. In The African Union in Light of the Arab Revolts: An appraisal of the foreign policy and security objectives of South Africa, Ethiopia and Algeria
SWP Egypt: The Failure of the Muslim Brotherhood
SWP The Coup d’état in Egypt
INSS Morsi’s Ouster and the Struggle to Revive the Egyptian Revolution
INSS The Revolution in Egypt: Recommendations for Israel
Real Instituto Elcano Does the US know what it is doing in the Middle East?
Real Instituto Elcano Libya and the Problematic Political Isolation Law
FRIDE The EU and the Palestinians: anticipating the third intifada
FRIDE Foreign funding in post-revolution Tunisia
TESEV Monitoring Report 2: making a new constitution in Turkey February 2012- June 2012
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