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Carnegie Middle East Centre Nathan J. Brown After the Egyptian Coup Juil.2013
Carnegie Middle East Centre David Rothkopf Egypt and the C-Word Juil.2013
Carnegie Middle East Centre Nathan J. Brown No Horizon in a Perpetually Unsustainable Palestine Juil.2013
IMRI Jawad Kerdoudi Accord de libre échange Etats-Unis Union européenne: Quelles perspectives pour le monde et pour le Maroc ? Juil.2013
PASSIA Mahdi Abdul Hadi Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation: What is possible Juil.2013
PISM Patrycja Sasnal Strange Coup d’état: The Army’s Removal of the Egyptian President Juil.2013
PISM Pinar Elman Turkey at a Tipping Point: Why the EU Should Use Gezi to Rebalance Ankara’s Foreign Policy Juil.2013
FRIDE Ana Echagüe The Gulf States and the Arab Uprisings Juil.2013
FRIDE Ana Echagüe Europe’s Gulf Dilemma Juil.2013
Chatham House Jane Kinninmont Checkmate for Morsi Juil.2013
Euromed Management Yahia H. Zoubir Algeria and the African Union. In The African Union in Light of the Arab Revolts: An appraisal of the foreign policy and security objectives of South Africa, Ethiopia and Algeria Juil.2013
SWP Stephan Roll Egypt: The Failure of the Muslim Brotherhood Juil.2013
SWP Volker Perthes The Coup d’état in Egypt Juil.2013
INSS Yoram Meital Morsi’s Ouster and the Struggle to Revive the Egyptian Revolution Juil.2013
INSS Golov, Avner, Dekel, Udi, Perlov, Orit, Guzansky, Yoel, Eran, Oded, and Kurz, Anat The Revolution in Egypt: Recommendations for Israel Juil.2013
Real Instituto Elcano Haizam Amirah-Fernández Does the US know what it is doing in the Middle East? Jui.2013
Real Instituto Elcano Haizam Amirah-Fernández Libya and the Problematic Political Isolation Law Jui.2013
FRIDE Romana Michelon The EU and the Palestinians: anticipating the third intifada Jui.2013
FRIDE Kristina Kausch Foreign funding in post-revolution Tunisia Jui.2013
TESEV Mehmet Uçum, Özge Genç Monitoring Report 2: making a new constitution in Turkey February 2012- June 2012 Jui.2013
Chatham House Claire Spencer and Jane Kinninmont The Arab Spring: the Changing Dynamics of West-GCC Cooperation Jui.2013
IMRI IMRI Printemps Arabe: Espoirs et réalités Jui.2013
Carnegie Middle East Centre Sinan Ülgen Erdogan's Dilemma Jui.2013
Carnegie Middle East Centre Marc Pierini Diplomatic Confusion around the Syrian Crisis Jui.2013
Carnegie Middle East Centre Raphaël Lefèvre The Muslim Brotherhood Prepares for a Comeback in Syria Jui.2013
Clingendael Regina Joseph Iran and the Greater Middle East by 2020 Jui.2013
PISM Marcin Andrzej Piotrowski All the Supreme Leader’s Men: Presidential Election in Iran in 2013 Jui.2013
PISM Morgane Hoarau, Patrycja Sasnal The Rise of Islamophobia in Europe Jui.2013
CIDOB Francis Ghilès Russia in Syria and the shape of the Middle East Jui.2013
CIDOB Eduard Soler i Lecha Protests in Turkey as a symptom Jui.2013
CIDOB Eckart Woertz, Senior Research Fellow Associate, CIDOB, interviewed by Oleguer Sarsanedas The Challenge of Climate Change in the Middle East Jui.2013
SWP Wolfram Lacher Fault Lines of the Revolution - Political Actors, Camps and Conflicts in the New Libya Jui.2013
SWP Kevin Matthees, Günter Seufert Erdoğan and Öcalan Begin Talks - A Paradigm Shift in Turkey's Kurdish Policy and a New Strategy of the PKK Jui.2013
EKEM Maria Gianniou Greek Foreign Policy – Global Trends and Challenges Jui.2013
INSS Zvi Magen Insight: The Superpowers and the Struggle over Syria Jui.2013
INSS Galia Lindenstrauss, Orit Perlov and Timur Saitov The Protests in Turkey: Letting off Steam or Engine of Change? Jui.2013
INSS Yoel Guzansky Political Islam in the Persian Gulf Jui.2013
INSS Mark A Heller The American-Russian-Turkish Triangle and the Civil War in Syria Jui.2013
INSS Owen Alterman The Return of Liberal Interventionism? Jui.2013
MITVIM Ksenia Svetlova The Mass Media and Israeli-Arab Relations following the Arab Spring Jui.2013
MITVIM Moshe Ma'oz Political Islam and the Arab Spring Jui.2013
IAI Silvia Colombo Future of Syria and the Regional Arms Race Jui.2013
IAI Senem Aydın-Düzgit et al. Global Turkey in Europe. Political, Economic, and Foreign Policy Dimensions of Turkey's Evolving Relationship with the EU Jui.2013
ISPI Valeria Talbo Turkey-GCC Relations in a Transforming Middle East Jui.2013
ISPI Sally Khalifa Isaac A Quest for Political Stability or Regional Prestige? Explaining the Gulf Monarchies' Role in Arab Countries in Transition Jui.2013
ISPI Christopher Davidson Domestic Dynamics in the Gulf Monarchies after the Arab Spring Jui.2013
ISPI Naser Al‐Tamimi Asia-GCC Relations: Growing Interdependence Jui.2013
ISPI Abdalhadi Alijla Politics of Tribe and Kinship: Political Parties and Informal Institutions in Palestine Jui.2013
ISPI Arturo Varvelli The Role of Tribal Dynamics in the Libyan Future Jui.2013
LCPS LCPS The Challenges of Managing the Influx of Syrian Refugees Jui.2013
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