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Regional Center for Strategic Studies

Chairman: Abdel Moneim Saied


EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Azmy Khalifa



General Statement

It focuses on the study of the changing strategic environment of the Middle East as a reflection of the Arab Spring. The RCSS main objective is to develop new approaches to the study of the region and its problems, and to promote new ideas and policies to secure its peaceful and prosperous future. This is to be achieved through a wide range of interactive academic and consultative activities which include: a daily monitoring of events, developing updated strategic assessments, publishing periodicals and studies on regional trends and debates, carrying out polls in various countries, working on long-term projects with regional partners, organising workshops and regional conferences in various capitals, and establishing a consultative group of the middle east experts.

Areas of work

- Middle East in geographical and conceptual terms

- The Middle East/Mediterranean relations

- Reflections of the Arab Spring on the Middle East and Middle Eastern Mediterranean Relations

- Reflections of the World System on the Arab Spring

Objective of the Euromed / Middle East programme

Promotion of Mutual understanding of The Arab Spring and its reflections:

Developing new approaches to enrich Middle East/ Mediterranean cooperation. The added value based on:

(1) implementing new approaches like the approach of Major Trends to enable scholars and researchers to foresee future developments and relations in the Mediterranean/ Middle Eastern Region

(2)Presenting at least one strategic assessment for every working day dealing with different dimensions of the Arab Spring

(3) Studying The Unexpected developments in the Middle East (the Middle Eastern black Swan)

(4)The Comparative studies Of The Middle East Based on Regionalism


Publication of periodic studies on trends, opinion polls and activities within the framework of projects and long-term programs with regional partners, through workshops, panel discussions and public seminars, as well as courses and conferences.

Selected recent Publications:

-the last RCSS periodical entitled "STATE OF THE REGION" published many articles dealing with the region,

-also the periodical "THE STATE OF THE WORLD" is dealing with international events and attitudes affecting The Middle East.

Membership to other Networks

- NESA (Near East And South Asia Network)

- Also forming its own net for the centres of Middle Eastern Studies

- Aims at establishing the Middle East Advisory Group

Practical information

Regional Center for Strategic Studies

6, ibn Arhab st, Corniche el Nile

Giza (Egypt)

Pone:+202 356 999 20

Fax :+202 356 999 22

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