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PID - Partners in Development




Executive Director and EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Mustapha Kamel Al-Sayyid


General Statement
PID was established as a private company by a number of Egyptian experts, university professors, international civil servants and businessmen known for their concern with issues of development.  They build on the experience of successfully running a research center at Cairo University, which had acquired an international reputation under their leadership.

PID is committed to accomplish the following activities:

  • Research on economic, social and cultural development issues, on the initiative of its own staff and under contractual arrangements.
  • Training workshops in the fields of specializations of PID.
  • Disseminating findings of its research as widely as possible, particularly to decision-makers, development think tanks, media outlets and concerned civil society organizations.
  • Providing a forum for debating development issues of concern to Egypt, Arab and developing countries.
  • Cooperation with similar think tanks and research centers in developing and developed countries.


Areas of work

  • Assessment of structural adjustment programs
  • Poverty alleviation and income distribution
  • Financial analysis and feasibility studies
  • Project evaluation and corporate governance
  • Budget analysis, transparency and accountability
  • Human rights and transition from authoritarianism in the Arab World
  • Corruption studies and good governance
  • Impact assessment of public policies
  • Peace studies and conflict resolution
  • Governance and local development
  • Developmental role of civil society


Membership to other networks
Arab Organization for Human Rights
Arab Political Science Association

Practical information
18 Jole Jamal Street, Mohandeseen
12311 Cairo
Phone: 00202-330-350-19 // 00202-330-530-78




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