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Institute for International Studies of the Corvinus University of Budapest



Director: Zsolt Rostovanyi


EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": László Csicsmann


General Statement

The university aims to give the utmost help to their candidate students on the long road of acquiring knowledge, not only by providing theoretical and practical professional knowledge and skills provision, but also by encouraging them to think and to form independent opinions.

The 3-3 faculties of the two campuses of the Corvinus University of Budapest, “Közgáz Campus” and “Buda Campus”, offer a wide range of Bachelor and Master Programmes.

The Institute for International Studies provides high quality education in the field of International Studies in Hungarian as well as in English. The Institute has a BA and a MA in International Studies fully taught in English with a special focus on the European Integration, diplomacy at larges as well as Regional Studies (Middle East).

In 2011 the University was chosen as the best network-university, which provides the best international and professional internships. In the same year it received the “Superbrand Title” which is provided for the best brands.

Areas of work

The Institute recently established the Corvinus Centre for Islamic Studies aimed at providing research relating to the Middle East and Islam. The Insitute workes in close cooperation with Middle Eastern partners including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Egypt and Turkey.

Objective of the Euromed/Middle East programme

The aim of The Faculty of Social Sciences relating to the EuroMeSco network is to enhance closer academic ties with universities and think tanks in the Middle Eastern region. The Faculty’s current strategy of internationalization aims at attracting students and professors from the region and promoting closer relationships.

The particular aim of our research agenda is to understand the ongoing transformation process in the Middle East. Hungary as a member of the EU has tremendous economic and political interest in the region. We have the intention to organize international conferences, joint seminars with partners from the region.

Membership to other networks

- 54 agreements within the Erasmus network,

- 15 agreements outside the Erasmus network,

- close contact with Middle Eastern academic institutes (University of Jordan, Ben Gurion University etc.) with signed MoUs.

Practical information

Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Social Sciences

Fovam ter 8.

1093 – Budapest (Hungary)

Phone: +36-14827209




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