Jean Monnet Euro-Med Centre


Director: Fulvio Attinà

EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Fulvio Attinà

General Statement
The Centre was created by the Department of Political Studies of the University of Catania in 1997. In the years 1998-2005, an agreement between the University of Catania and the European Commission/Action Jean Monnet acknowledges the Centre as European Centre of Excellence to develop multidisciplinary activities relating to the construction of the European Union and the process of cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean area. Fields of action are research, teaching and information. Current research is on EMP, ENP and UfM, CFSP and CSDP, JHA and the Mediterranean region. Teaching consists of the Jean Monnet Chair of European Union Politics at the undergraduate and graduate level in the Political Sciences Faculty; and courses within the University of Catania’s Master Course on “Global Politics and Euro-Mediterranean Relations”. In 1998 and 1999, the Centre held The Summer School on "The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership". In 2000, a Masters Course in Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Studies was given to graduate students from different countries. In 2005-2010, the Centre facilitated the JM Module on “EU roles in international governance”; in 2009-2011, the Module on “New skills for new challenges”; in 2011, the Information and Research Activities on “The EU policy on organised crime between Stockholm and Lisbon” and “EU Foreign Policy and Democracy Promotion”.


Areas of work
Research, teaching and information on EU’s programmes and policies in the Mediterranean region (EMP, ENP, UfM, etc.), security policies, democracy promotion, civil society, migration and home affairs.


Objectives of the Euromed/Middle East programme(s)
To develop multidisciplinary activities relating to the process of cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The added value is conceived as enhancing the link of research and information to education, and training especially young professional to the practice of interaction across the countries of the Mediterranean area.

Publications and activities
The project Information and Research Activity (IRA) on EU Foreign Policy and Democracy Promotion (EUDEM) fosters mutual exchange between researchers, students and civil society. See EUDEM Newsletter


Practical information
Jean Monnet Centre, Department of Political Studies
University of Catania
Via Vittorio Emanuele 49
95131 CATANIA, Italiy


If you would like to contact the focal point of this institute, please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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