Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA)

Director: Alexander Duleba

Head of the Board of Directors: Juraj Stern

Mediterranean-related research and activities coordinated by Samuel Arbe & Alexander Duleba

EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Samuel Arbe

Researchers participating in Mediterranean-related activities: Vladimir Bilcik (head of EU program), Alexander Duleba (director of SFPA), Vladimir Benc (head of development assistance research program), Peter Brezani (Editor in chief – International Issues), Rebecca Murray (Research fellow + editor of Zahranicna politika), Ivo Samson (head of International Security Program).

General Statement

Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA) was founded in August 1993 as an open discussion forum on international affairs and the Slovak foreign policy without links to any party or movement. Its overall goal is to enable open space for free exchange of opinions and ideas on foreign policy and international relations. SFPA works closely with its research center (RC SFPA) which is a major Slovak foreign policy think-tank providing research and analysis of current issues of Slovak and European foreign policy.

Areas of work

EU Institutions and Policies, Western Balkans, Eastern and Southern Neighbourhood of the European Union, Central Europe, Economic and Development Policy, International Security.

Objective of the Euromed / Middle East programme

The SFPA mainstreams a Mediterranean component in most of its research, expert consultations and public awareness activities related to EU policy making. Thus, there is no “Mediterranean program” per se, but relevant issues pertaining to developments in the Middle East and North Africa are incorporated into broader research programs, such as EU policies and institutions, Development cooperation and the like. We believe this makes an added value to the visibility of the ME&NA related issues, as otherwise they would be treated as marginal in policy-making, especially given limited Slovakia's direct interest in the region. SFPA's added value to Euromesco lies mainly in bringing into attention the positions of Central European countries on Mediterranean issues, and analyzing the recent developments in the Mediterranean in context of Central Europe's own recent democratic transition.

Membership to other networks

PASOS (Policy Association for Open Society)

EPIN (European Policy Institutes Network)

Practical information

SFPA (Slovak Foreign Policy Association)

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811 02 Bratislava

Tel. +421 2 5443 3151

Fax +421 2 5443 3161



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