Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (ECFA)

Chairman of the Board: Ambassador Mohamed Shaker

Executive Director and EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Ambassador Elsayed A Shalaby

Head of Mediterranean/Middle East programme: Ambassador Ehab Sorour /Ambassador Ihab Wahba

Specialised researchers on EuroMeSCo’s areas of study: Ambassador Elsayed A Shalaby, Ambassador Mohamed Eldorgahamy, Ambassador Ahmed Moukhtar Elgammal

General Statement

ECFA's main objective is to promote public debate and understanding of foreign policy issues, both regional and international. Foremost among these are Egypt's strategic, economic and political interests. To achieve this mission, the Council draws upon the diverse knowledge of its members and other recognized experts, including government officials. Many Egyptian and foreign public figures are regularly invited by the Council to participate in discussing a wide range of political and economic questions.

The Council is an independent and objective forum for exploring diverse political and intellectual opinion. Opposing views on regional and international issues are regularly aired. This open and free debate has contributed positively to the formulation of Egypt’s foreign policy and diplomacy. On various occasions it helped create a common ground for a national consensus on foreign policy.

Areas of work

Foreign affairs, Middle East, Europe, Mediterranean area, cultural action.

Objectives of the Euromed/Middle East programme(s)

Think tank specialized in Euro-Mediterranean relations through:

Receiving European figures, co-host conferences with European organizations, participating in specialized conferences organized by EuroMeSCo the last conference was in October 2010.

Publications and activities

Annual conference book, newsletter, annual report, series of lectures.

Membership to other networks


- Anna Lindh foundation

Practical information

Tower o 2 osman towrrs kornish elnile maadi

Tel 0202 25281091 -6

Fax 25281093  

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