Call for Papers: EuroMeSCo Annual Conference 2015

EuroMeSCo and the IEMed are pleased to announce the Call for Papers to be presented at the parallel thematic sessions of the next EuroMeSCo Annual Conference. The conference will be held on 8-9 October 2015 in Milan and will be devoted to the review of the Euro-Mediterranean relations.


We are inviting proposal for papers on the following topics:


1. Political and Security Dimension of Euro-Mediterranean Relations

2. Socio-Economic Dimension of Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation

3. Social, Human and Cultural Aspects of Euro-Mediterranean Relations

All the proposals shall be sent to Secretariat of EuroMeSCo at Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. by 24 July 2015.

General instructions for the Call for Papers

Paper submission form (MS Word)

EuroMeSCo General Assembly and Annual Conference 2015


The Academic Secretariat of EuroMeSCo is pleased to announce that the next EuroMeSCo General Assembly and Annual Conference will take place on 8th and 9th October 2015 in Milan. The event will be organised in partnership with the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI). This year the meeting will offer a unique opportunity to discuss the review of the Euro-Mediterranean relations.


EuroMeSCo-SSN Joint Policy Study "The Arab Spring in Comparative Perspective"

This publication is the product of the cooperation between two think tank networks, the Strategic Studies Network (SSN) and EuroMeSCo. Both SSN and EuroMeSCo have combined their efforts to produce policy-oriented analyses aimed at providing a better understanding of the democratic transformations in the Arab world and help regional and external policy-makers to devise better policies and support strategies.


The Working Group “The Arab Spring in Comparative Perspective”, led by the European Institute of the Mediterranean and bringing together researchers from the SSN and EuroMeSCo was created at the SSN annual summit in Bangkok in February 2014. In a working session in Barcelona in December, the researchers had the occasion to discuss all the research outputs generated throughout the year. The results of the workshop have now been edited by the IEMed and are included in this publication, which is divided into five chapters: “State-Building Processes and Institutional Reforms”, “The Role of Religion in Transitional Processes”, “The Role of Socio-Economic Policies in Arab Spring Countries”, “A New Concept for a New Neighbourhood” and “EU´s Promotion of Regional and Sub-regional Economic Integration and Cooperation”.


See the Joint Policy Study here.

Kick-off meeting of the EuroMeSCo Project

The kick-off meeting of the EuroMeSCo Project took place on the 20th of April in Brussels. The meeting was attended by members of the consortium and representatives of the European Commission.


During the meeting, the participants discussed the topics of the Research Groups to be developed in the first year of the Project, as well as possible themes of the next EuroMeSCo Annual Conference. The three final Research Groups selected for the first year of the Project are: Research Group on Security Threats in the Euro-Mediterranean region, led by Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (Egypt); Research Group on Youth Activism in the Mediterranean, led by Istituto Affari Internazionali (Italy); and Research Group on Migration, led by Center for Strategic Studies (Jordan).

See the minutes of the kick-off meeting here.

The European Commission will support the EuroMeSCo network

The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), together with 13 co-applicants and a pool of associated institutes from the EuroMeSCo network, has been awarded a grant from the European Commission to develop the action “Euro-Mediterranean Political Research and Dialogue for Inclusive Policymaking Processes and Dissemination through Network Participation”. The action will be co-funded by the European Commission and the IEMed throughout its 4 years of implementation, beginning on 1st March 2015.


The aim of the action is to reinforce dialogue, political research and studies on key issues and trends of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. The action will consist of a wide range of research, dialogue and dissemination activities, which will promote interaction between researchers, civil society stakeholders and policy-makers and will raise public awareness on Euro-Mediterranean issues.

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